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Monday, 22 Jan 2018
Jack Crevalle - (Caranx hippos) - The jack crevalle is perhaps the salvation of the fly fisher on those days when the snook are sullen, the redfish are resting and the tarpon are travelling. This species has already bounced back considerably after the July 1995 commercial net ban. They run in schools of a dozen to hundreds, usually all about the same size within any one school. The typical size caught runs from 3 to about 15 pounds, although they can get much larger after they move offshore. Pound-for-pound, the jack crevalle or "jack" is one of the strongest fighting fish in salt water. They don't jump around like snook, but a 10 pound jack will keep your muscles straining for 15 minutes or more before landing. They are not too difficult to handle, but they do have a few sharp edges top and bottom.

This relative of the pompano and permit feed primarily on baitfish and shrimp. A school of jacks will typically follow the tide up into the estuaries and canals, trapping schools of baitfish against mangroves, banks or seawalls and gorging themselves on their hapless prey. I have many times witnessed this scene in the canal in back of my house, especially in the spring and fall. Hundreds of jacks will herd perhaps thousands of glass minnows against a seawall and the resulting commotion will bring dozens of pelicans and terns to pick up the remnants. The jack crevalle can sometimes be selective, but usually he'll try to eat anything that moves. Jacks are usually caught throughout the backwaters, but sometimes off the beach as well.


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