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Monday, 22 Jan 2018
Spotted Seatrout - (Cynoscion nebulosis) - The Spotted Seatrout, a relative of the northern Weakfish, is a species now in transition. For many years, they were plentiful and their 1-4 pound weight range is perfect for light tackle saltwater fishing. Over the past 20 years however, the combination of commercial netting and harvesting by sportsmen has brought their population down to relatively low levels. The July 1995 ban on all inshore netting, plus some significant reductions in allowable recreational kills, seems to be reversing this declining trend. Even now, there are sufficient numbers of spotted seatrout to warrant fishing excursions for this species.

Spotted seatrout seem to prefer the grassier flats for feeding, although they are also often found on mud flats, adjacent to oyster bars, and along the edges of tidal currents. Like redfish, they will move into deeper holes during extreme cold spells. They spawn inshore, usually in seagrass beds, between March and November. They are relatively easy to handle during landing, except you must be careful of their few sharp teeth and dorsal spines.


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