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Monday, 22 Jan 2018
Tarpon - (Megalops atlanticus) - Also called the "Silver King", "Poon" and many other less friendly names, fishing for tarpon is considered by many to be the ultimate experience. You shouldn't embark on a tarpon adventure however unless you have a good guide, heavy-duty equipment and are generally ready for a physical challenge. The adult tarpon is migratory and during the spring and summer they move from South Florida and the Keys up the western Florida Coast. Starting around April they begin showing up in the 10,000 Islands area, pausing along their migration route to rest and feed in the warmer waters of the shallow bays and creeks. These adults range from 40 to 150 pounds in weight and when they are hooked, they will often jump three or more times in their usually successful attempts at getting rid of the hook. If the hook sets well in their hard mouth, get ready to be towed!

Adult tarpon spawn offshore between May and September and their eel-like larvae are moved by the tidal currents into the backwaters and estuaries. These larvae eventually grow into "baby tarpon", which stay in the backwater for many years before they become migratory. These baby tarpon will grow to 20 pounds or more before joining their larger relatives offshore. In the meantime, they can be great sport for fisherman. Like snook, baby tarpon are very happy in near-100% fresh water and they will often move way up into the back country. Like the adult, the baby tarpon supplement their supply of oxygen by periodically porpoising and taking in gulps of air, a habit which does not usually go unnoticed by the experienced fly fisher. Tarpon have essentially no food value and thus their status as a plentiful gamefish seems secure.


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