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Monday, 22 Jan 2018
Red Grouper (Epinephelus morio) - Red Grouper is colored brownish red and the lining of mouth is scarlet-orange. Red Grouper has blotches on sides in unorganized pattern and a second spine of dorsal fin that is longer than others. The Red Grouper pectoral fins are longer than pelvic fins with a squared-off tail. There is also a margin of soft dorsal black with white at midfin and they have black dots around the eyes. Red Grouper is a bottom dwelling fish associated with hard bottom. Juveniles remain offshore with adults greater than 6 years old; the Red Grouper ranging from 1 to 6 years old occupy Nearshore reefs. Red Grouper spawn in April and May and prefer water temperatures between 66 and 77 degrees Fahrenhei. Red Grouper undergoes sex reversal in which young individuals are femal and become male as they age. The lifespan of a Red Grouper is at least 24 years and they feed on squid, crustaceans, and fish. Florida record 39 lbs., 8 ozs.


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