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Monday, 22 Jan 2018
Ladyfish - (Elops saurus) - This diminutive cousin of the tarpon usually weighs in at 1 to 3 pounds and, like the tarpon, ladyfish like to jump when hooked. They spawn offshore, but spend most of their lives in the inshore bays and estuaries. They will gather as small groups in narrow coves, but they tend to run in quite large schools in the larger bays. Once a school is spotted, they can often be fished at the same location for several days in a row. Their primary food is small baitfish and shrimp, and when a large school of ladyfish chase a school of baitfish to the surface, the resulting commotion is evident to anyone within 100 yards.

Like the tarpon and the jack crevalle, the ladyfish has little food value but is a lot of fun to catch and release. For some reason, the ladyfish has a very slimy exterior and requires gloves or a careful grip to extract the fly. Like with many other species, I find that by grasping and manipulating the fly with forceps while the fish is still in the water, I can remove the hook without actually handling the fish.


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